Frequently we inspect and measure existing expansion joints. After the visit to site we write a complete inspection report.

Expansion joint corroded and no function anymore
With Rohr2 we made a complete pipe stress calculation of the steam duct and we calculated the most suitable expansion joint for this specific duct

Visual and thermografic inspection, measurement and reports

“Preparation is half the job” and that is why we are frequently asked before starting the maintenance turnaround for:

  • visual inspection of expansion joints and hot-air and fluegas dampers
  • complete thermografic inspection
  • inspection reports with risk analysis
  • measuring expansion joints and dampers
Picture of one side of steam boiler / HRSG
IR picture of side steam boiler / HRSG where you can see a hot spot of almost 194°C









Injection of fluid insulation

Hot spot repair

When so called “hot spots” occur on the outside of, for example a boiler or piece of duct between gas turbine and boiler, Vermeul has the solution to repair this.

By means of a thermographic investigation we first determine what the size and the temperature is of these hot spots.

Secondly we take precautions to inject the fluid insulation and as final step the fluid insulation will be injected.

The advantage of this repair method is: it is not necessary to remove the inside insulation plates and this saves a lot of time.

Penetration seal
The right penetration seal shows combustion