When so called “hot spots” occur on the outside of, for example a boiler or piece of duct between gas turbine and boiler, Vermeul has the solution to repair this.
By means of a thermographic investigation we first determine what the size and the temperature is of these hot spots.
Secondly we take precautions to inject the fluid insulation and as final step the fluid insulation will be injected.
The advantage of this repair method is: it is not necessary to remove the inside insulation plates and this saves a lot of time.

“From reactive to preventive maintenance”
Frequently we hear above mentioned remark from our relations. Certainly, technical parts as expansion joints and flue gas dampers, which are not standardised and therefor have a delivery time, early recognition of problems is important to prevent unwanted emissions and downtime.
This is the reason why Vermeul is approached early before a shut-down to do a so called “hot inspection”.
Often we do this visual inspection with a thermographic device so that any problems can be identified in an early stage.
This gives the client the opportunity to take preventive (maintenance) measures and plan this early so that the maintenance stop can be carried out as effectively and efficiently as possible. During the shut-down, the investigation will be finalized by, if possible, an internal inspection of the components. To finalise this inspection we send an inspection report with recommendations. This can be completed with an inventory list of the expansion joints and flue gas dampers which are located in the installation.

Download PDF: Hot Spot Repair


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